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One of my favorite elements about paper goods and gifts is the ability to customize and personalize. Customization can make an item uniquely your own. Having the ability to personalized notebooks, stationery etc, make it feel special and more enjoyable to use. And bonus, no one else can take it from you!

Most everything you will see in Hammond ink Paper is customizable. From the colors to the personalization and fonts to the shape of the monogram frame. This allows you to take a Hammond ink creation and make it unique to your style.

Color is one of my favorite ways to personalize items. Maybe because it is because I love all colors or maybe it is because color is inherently personal to begin with. Color invokes certain moods and feelings. Using various color combinations together can produce feelings of playfulness, happiness, peace, productivity ect. Color also helps to create a personal connection to the world around us. Just step into ones closet and you will see which colors they gravitate to and feel most comfortable with. The emotional feelings about color translates well into paper goods. By being able to choose your colors, your personal paper goods can be a reflection of your individual style.

So whatever you style or color preferences may be, Hammond ink Paper has got you covered. Check out the shop to find personalized papers goods for yourself or as a gift.


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